HIQPARTS Purchase Form For Oversea

We are unable to use our regular shopping cart for tax free processing. Please use this form to place an order from overseas.

Due to COVID-19

We have stopped shipping to China(Excluding Hong Kong, Macau).

For other countries, we are accepting shipments, although it will take time.

After sent this form,We will contact you after 1-2days.
After checked stock of warehouse,We are going to send payment request via Paypal request center.

-Duty Free

You can buy as the exemption of domestic tax. The exempting apply only for delivery address of outside Japan.

-Shipping Way

Asia Area EMS (https://www.post.japanpost.jp/index_en.html)

U.S.A.,U.K.,Europa YAMATO Transport Co.,LTD.(http://www.global-yamato.com/)

The shipping company is subject to change due to circumstances.

-Returns and Refunds

We will correspond according to PayPal's terms.

Or If you have question,mail me direct. info@hiqparts.net

*Please write URL and QTY here same as sample list below.

https://www.hiqparts.com/product/837 X 10
https://www.hiqparts.com/product/1858 X 10

If you want tell me something message,Please write at below.